Photo of a grey squirrel

Grey squirrels, originally from North America, were released in the UK by 19th century landowners.

They are now very common and widespread.

Grey squirrels are active during the day, foraging for food in trees and on the ground – they often visit feeders in gardens. In the autumn they spend time storing nuts to eat during the winter.

Problems Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels like to build their nests in secure, warm places such as lofts and chimneys. If squirrels make their way into these places then they can chew through electric cables and water pipes causing numerous problems within your household.

Electricity cables that have been chewed through are a common cause of house fires! Just like rats, squirrels incisor teeth never stop growing so they look for the best places to gnaw to keep them down.

When they are in your loft they chew through the roof timbers which can lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage!

Treatment of Squirrels

We use Trapping and shooting.

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