Photo of a brown rat
Rats are the most common form of rodent pests. The most common species of rat found in the UK is the Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus).

They are Brown/ Grey in colour and up to 28cm long weighing between 140g – 500g. They are omnivores and eat a wide verity of foods. Rats have to gnaw , this is because their incisor teeth never stop growing, which can cause major problems in properties

It can be a problem to control local rat infestations as they can breed rapidly -rats are sexually mature after 3 months and a single female rat can produce between 3 and 12 litters of around 6 to 8 young rats in a year.

Through the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, property owners have a legal obligation to keep their premises rodent-free.

Problems Caused by Rats

Spreading of Viruses & Disease

They spread diseases through their urine that can transmit to humans (Weil’s disease, Salmonella, Listeria, Toxoplasma Gondii and Hantavirus.)

Structural Damage to Properties

Rats can cause structural damage to residential and commercial properties by gnawing through pipes and electrical cables.

Damage to pipes caused by rats

Our Advice to Clients

Rats require food, water and harbourage so we advise wherever possible clients to proof their property and give them best practice tips on food hygiene and storage.

Traps We Use

  • Brake Back Traps
  • Good nature multi Kill Traps

Traps are baited to attract rats and the trap delivers a humane dispatch.

Rat Multi Trap
Rat break back traps

Rodenticides & Poisons

We follow industry best practice in the safe use of rodenticides always mindful of non-target species. We use:

  •  Block baits
  •  Grain baits
  •  Liquid baits
  •  Non Toxic baits

In some cases we use where the client requires a very quick solution we use:

• Air rifle with night vision
• A Dog trained to kill rats

Cleaning Rat Guano

Rat Guano is in itself a heath hazard- we make sure that all rat guano is cleared and disposed of on site. In the case below , we cleared rat guano in a loft and replaced contaminated loft insulation.

Clearing rat guano in a loft (before clearance)
Clearing rat guano in a loft (after cleaning)

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