Photo of cockroaches

One of the most prevalent species of pest insects are cockroaches.

The 2 main species of Cockroach found in the UK are German & Oriental Cockroaches.

They thrive in warm, humid areas in large centrally heated buildings such as schools, hospitals, blocks of flats , hotels and restaurant kitchens.

Problems Caused by Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a significant risk to public health by spreading disease organisms. They are a serious pest in heated buildings. Infestations can be very costly to business reputations.

Treatment of Cockroaches

The Technician will use an insecticide product.this could be :

  • Gel baits
  • Dust Formulations
  • Residual Sprays
  • Fogging / ULV

The effectiveness of treatment is increased if good hygienic practice are followed.


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